Students walking to and from Fernlea School in Wainuiomata now have a much more attractive route, thanks to an  “Adopt a Spot” project with local artist Dan Mills. Dan and the students worked together to transform an alleyway near Fernlea School with their own colourful art.

Funding for the project was provided by the Ministry of Justice, through its “Adopt a Spot” programme which aims to reduce graffiti vandalism and encourage young people and their families to appreciate and care for their local environment

The ministry of Justice is pleased that the Fernlea School Pupils have helped their community get rid of some of the tagging and created a place that they can be proud of, and feel safe in.

The project aligns well with two other community initiatives in the school – its Junior Neighbourhood Support Scheme and its school travel plan. Fernlea  School`s travel plan encourages pupils to walk, scooter and bike to school, and make fewer trips by car.