On 14 December 2015 partners signed A Safe Community Agreement between Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand and Safe Hutt Valley to implement an ongoing programme of community safety that enhances the safety of it’s residents, contractors, visitors and community participants.  The parties agree to develop, support and guide safe community networks, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. A safe community is a liveable community, where people can go about their daily activities without fear, risk of harm or injury. It’s also about building strong networks, and communities that are cohesive, inclusive and vibrant.

This was the second time Safe Hutt  Valley has been accredited as a Safe Community We first received official, international  accreditation as a Safe Community in 2010.

What wonderful partners to have working together with our communities for a Safe Hutt Valley, from left to right; Peter Gush, Service Manager Regional Public Health; Stephen Sanson, Team Manager Community Injury Prevention, ACC; Inspector Sean Hansen, Area Commander NZ Police, Hutt Valley; Wayne Guppy, Mayor of Upper Hutt City , Chair of Safe Hutt Valley;  Ray Wallace, Mayor of Lower Hutt City; Gavin Dunphy, Area Manager, Area Commander NZ Fire Service, Hutt Valley – Wairarapa; Graham Smeaton, Chair and Trustee Hutt Safe City Charitable Trust; Geoff Wilson, Trustee, Reviewer Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand, PPSCN Accrediting Centre, International Support Centre.