Lower Hutt’s Mayor Ray Wallace was out and about on the weekend with Lower Hutt’s safe City Ambassadors.
The Mayor posted on his facebook page ” About to go out on patrol with Lower Hutt’s safe City Ambassadors. They do a fantastic job…Hill Street Blues TV show comes to mind, Be safe out there people ”

Hutt City Council’s Safe City Ambassadors team patrol streets from 2pm-1am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday right across the city and they also patrol the Saturday Riverbank Market. They are linked into the same radio frequency as the Community patrol volunteers out in the wider suburbs. They also work in collaboration with Police and the CCTV operators.
They have a joint role in looking out for people’s safety and reporting any criminal activity to Police and ultimately they make people feel more comfortable when they are out in the city.
Whether you’re trying to find the train station or you’re concerned about your safety, the friendly team of Safe City Ambassadors are easy to spot in their brightly coloured uniform and will help you or seek the help you need.
All of the SCA’s are trained through Recon Security as security officers and they also are trained in first aid. They have skills in conflict de-escalation which can help to calm down situations that arise until the police arrive.
Jimmy Ballantyne, Hutt City Council’s City Safety Manager says “It’s really important for people to know about the Safe City Ambassadors and their role in the city as they’re there to help.
“They play and important role in keeping our city safe. This is a nationwide initiative and one of many safety initiatives the Council supports. Others include CCTV, community patrol, graffiti eradication and neighbourhood support.

Neighbourhood Support is the hub of a network of local groups, partners and sponsors. Our common purpose is to create safe and caring neighbourhoods and communities, reducing the incidences and effects of criminal offending, building community resilience and strengthening community networks to improve the quality of life and enhance wellbeing.

Neighbourhood Support in the Hutt Valley is facilitated by the two local Councils; Hutt City and Upper Hutt City Council, who are both affiliated to the national umbrella organisation Neighbourhood Support New Zealand (NSNZ).

Both Hutt City and Upper Hutt City Council are passionate and committed to delivering the best service to their communities. They play a significant role in their area contributing to the creation of ‘safe, connected communities’ for their neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Support NZ support the work undertaken in the Hutt Valley and are very happy to have them on board as part of the bigger NSNZ family.

Hutt City Council have joined forces with Hutt Valley Police to remind people that thieves are currently targeting parked vehicles in Lower Hutt. Jimmy Ballantyne (the Council’s City Safety Manager) says, “ Taking you valuable items with you when you park your vehicle is an easy and effective way of reducing the chances of your vehicle being targeted. The CRAVES acronym is a fun and simple way of remembering what thieves are looking for.”







Flyers and posters are being distributed over the next few weeks by Council Staff and the Safe City Ambassadors to help get the message out there. If anyone wants to find out more they can call Jimmy on; 04 570 6718 or email him at  jimmy.ballantyne@huttcity.govt.nz.




Earlier this month Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council and the Lower Hutt Police marked the beginning of the first phase in the three year CCTV upgrade project in Hutt City.

The upgrade includes four new monitors, new recording equipment, a new video management system and a larger office for police and volunteers.The equipment is monitored by a dedicated team of trained volunteers, who give up their time to support the safety of our city.

The camera network will increase from 29 cameras to an estimated 44 cameras throughout the Hutt City region over the next three years. There will be a replacement of old equipment at the end of its operational life, and the introduction of new cameras to the network. This project is joint venture between Hutt City and Upper Hutt City Councils, and the Police – these strong partnerships are essential for our community’s safety and wellbeing.

Despite these strong partnerships, residents still need to be aware of what’s happening in their neighbourhoods and support one another.