The Annual White Ribbon, Family Fun Day planned for November 26 2016 was to be a big open air concert and kid’s program at Lane Park in Wallaceville. Although the organisation for the event had started a little later than previously everything was in place for a wonderful outdoors event, however, early on the morning of the 26th it was decided that the weather was too unsettled to risk setting up the electrical and sound gear necessary  outside, and were we lucky we made that decision because at 11.00, just half an hour before the gates opened the clouds just opened up and absolutely poured with rain. Fortunately because we were at Lane Park we had always planned for this and simply moved the event indoors.


The White Ribbons Riders arrived about 12.10 and entered the auditorium from the front, this created a lot of noise and interest and also provided the opportunity to begin the event. We had around 15 stakeholder stands around the walls of the Hall including a bouncy castle supplied by the Fire Service which was a real hit with the children. The concert items that continued throughout the three and a half hour event were added to by several short but informative talks from various dignitaries and men speaking out against violence. At 1.15 the children were encouraged to go to another large room and participate in a children’s programme including a magician and “big bubble man” plus sporting activities. There were also several food stands so the people could purchase lunch.


Obviously the weather significantly contributed to the drop in numbers from previous years but about 500 folk came throughout the afternoon and enjoyed the activities, music and food, and most importantly heard the message of the importance of all of us working towards stamping out “Violence Against Women”.